In the process of designing this website, we’ve come across a number of sources that you might want to consider.  We’ll try very hard to keep this updated, however, we’ll need everyone’s help to do so.  If you find a source for cars, parts, technology, technical help or whatever, please let us know.

As part of this section (as a sub-page) we’ll have links to a lot of other websites.  These include Cadillac Clubs, auction sites, car show links and again, with everyone’s help, we’ll have a lot of information available to everyone.

Need a new or used Cadillac?

If it’s time for you to get a new or used Cadillac, please call LJ Harness at Findlay Cadillac. His phone number is: 941-780-8788 or you can email him at:

Overheard at Findlay: Their upcoming Costco sale will allow people to purchase a new Cadillac at GM Supplier Pricing. Can anyone say, “DISCOUNT.”  Need more information? Call LJ Harness and he can walk you through it.

For shirts, signs, hats and other club logo items, please click here.



brave logo

The logos are live links to the company where Dave Leash is the President. This man has spent a lot of time working with us to enhance the relationship between Findlay Cadillac and our club. My best guess that he has contributed more than 60 hours of his time and that of his team of graphic artisans to ensure our new membership program is the best it can be.

Dave is also the exclusive logo clothing supplier to Cadillac & LaSalle Club (national).  He also works with many other automotive brands so those of you that have other manufactures cars in your collection, he probably has a license to provide logo clothing, gifts, etc. for that brand as well.

His prices are fair.  His services is a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Many of us in the club met him at the 2015 Grand National and we purchased a number of pieces from him.  Again, fair and reasonable and the products are very high quality.


Are you buying a car and having it shipped here or are you shipping to a Grand National or other event?

Here are two websites that may be of interest to you.  The first (click here) are some things about shipping that you may not know or have thought about, recently. The second is an actual moving company that may fit your needs (Website). Note, These sites are given as a resource and not a club recommendation.  We think you’ll find them helpful.



This business is owned by Ed Cholakian a long time member of the CLC and a pioneer in the business as one of the first exhibitors at SEMA.  Just as the name implies, they have very specific years that they work with. They have NOS, Used, rebuilt, rechromed and reproduction parts. Website




 It doesn’t matter what year your Cadillac is or it’s condition, if you need a part, consider Chris Trumba. Their website is: Click here

Cadillacs Don’t Die – They live on at Cadillac Heaven. For over 25 years we’ve been taking in old, retired and prematurely wrecked Cadillacs to give them a second life as vital organ donors. Over those years our collection has grown, allowing us to help countless customers find the parts they need.

Looking for a part? With a collection of donor cars ranging from 1960 through 2010, we can help. Click the Request a Part button and tell us about the part you’re looking for, and we’ll track it down. Website




Are you looking for Cadillac Clubs and information about your Cadillac?


CLC Northeastern Regions

CLC Southeastern Regions

CLC Central Regions

CLC Southwestern Regions

CLC Western Regions

International Cadillac & LaSalle Clubs

Other National Automobile Clubs

Links of Interest ~ Cadillac Information

Links of Interest ~ Specific Models or Years

 Are you looking for background on every Cadillac ever made?  Website 



So, you have more than one car in your collection? It isn’t a Cadillac?? Perhaps the Las Vegas Car Clubs listing can help you. Click here for their website.


Car Clubs – National and International

356 Registry Inc. Falcon Club Of America National Woodie Club
Antique Automobile Club Of America (AACA) Ford Galaxie Club Of America Oldsmobile Club Of America
Alliance of Bikers Aiming Toward Education Graham Owners Club International Packard Auto Classics, Inc.
Antique & Classic Boat Society Buick GS Club Of America Porsche Club of America
American Gold Wing Association GTO Association Of America Police Car Owners of America
Austin-Healey Club of America Horseless Carriage Club of America Packards International Motor Car Club
American Motorcyclist Association Harley Owners Group Pantera Owner’s Club of America
Antique Motorcycle Club of America Hudson Essex Terraplane Club Pontiac-Oakland Club International
AMC World Club International Edsel Club PT Cruiser Club
International American Motors Owners Assn. International Ford Retractable Club Red Knights Motorcycle Club
Avanti Owners Association International International Plastic Modelers Society Shelby American Automobile Club
Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc. Impala SS Club Of America Sports Car Club Of America
Alfa Romeo Owners Club Jaguar Clubs Of North America Shelby Dodge Automobile Club
Antique Truck Club of America Inc Lambda Car Club International Studebaker Drivers Club
American Truck Historical Society Lincoln Continental Owners Club Antique Motor & Fire Apparatus
Buick Club Of America Late Great Chevys Mustang SVO Owners Association
Blue Knights International Lincoln Highway Association Toyota Land Cruiser Association
BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Model A Ford Club Of America Viper Club Of America
Buick Club of America Model A Restorers Club Vintage Chevrolet Club Of America
Chrysler 300 Club International Mercedes-Benz Club of America Volvo Club Of America
California Association of 4WD Mustang Club Of America Veteran Motor Car Club Of America
Classic Car Club Of America MG Car Club Vintage Thunderbird Club International
Classic Chevy International Masonic Motorcycle Club International Vintage Triumph Register
Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association Miata Owners Club Vintage Volkswagen Club of America
Cadillac LaSalle Club, Inc Model T Ford Club Of America Worldwide Camaro Club
Corvair Society Of America National Corvette Restorers Society Women On Wheels
Classic Thunderbird Club International Nash Car Club Of America Walter P Chrysler Club
Durango Owners Club National Council Of Corvette Clubs
Early Ford V-8 Club of America National Chevelle Owners Club
Edsel Owners Club National Nostalgic Nova