2016 Best Regional Website in the CLC

Margaret Rawson, Webmaster


In the first week of August (2017) the Cadillac & LaSalle Club held its Grand National Meeting. At the meeting awards were passed out for cars and a few other categories.  However, there is only one award for regional websites.  This year, our site won and we’ve received the Website Excellence Award pictured above.

A little history . . .

Our club has had a website for sometime now but in July of 2016 our Board of Directors decided it was time for a new site.  They wanted a site that would reflect more appropriately upon our members, our activities, show our cars at events and awards and reflect well on our club sponsor (Findlay Cadillac, Henderson).  The new site began its long road to being built on the 8th of August 2016. The board has commented in meetings that they like the site.  It looks as though the national CLC really likes it.

As your Board of Directors, we’re grateful to be able to have a website that reflects who we are.

The future . . .

The website will always be a work in progress.  It takes about 2 hours or more per week to keep it up and add to it as necessary.  Larry Rafferty has agreed to help us identify every car and everyone on the site.  If we do this correctly, you’ll be able to search for your own name, your vehicle or an activity. That was always the goal, it’s just taken a lot of time and energy to get the website to this point.

On behalf of our members and the Board of Directors I was grateful to receive this honor.  This award is just one more reason why this club is so great.

Margaret Rawson, Secretary / Webmaster / Liaison to the National Board of Directors