Las Vegas Region

At present, our membership is just over 100.  We’re hoping to grow to 300 members this year.  The more members, the more fun we can have.  We have members that are college age to well past retirement age.  The Cadillac and LaSalle driver arrives with all ages of cars and driven by all ages of members.

Of course, membership is the life’s blood of any organization including ours.  In order to be a member of our Las Vegas Region you must also be a member in good standing in the national Cadillac & LaSalle Club. These are two separate fees.

On September 23 until midnight of this day, you can get a FREE membership by texting FINDLAY to 80464 and complete this form.

The membership application is here:  click here to download our .pdf membership form.

If your already a member and would like to update your information and list of vehicles, click here to download the update form. 

National Cadillac and LaSalle Club

General Overview – The Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (CLC) is an international organization of over 7,000 members with 18,000 collectible automobiles built by Cadillac. It provides activities and services for enthusiasts of all Cadillacs from the single cylinder models to the exotic V-16’s and to the new V Series models. Membership is open to persons anywhere in the world and ownership of a Cadillac is not required. The CLC is headquartered in the USA with offices in Columbus, Ohio.

Who we areThe Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (CLC) is a non-profit membership organization founded in Detroit in 1958 and incorporated in the State of Michigan. Today we are the largest active international organization for Cadillac enthusiasts with numerous regions and chapters that focus on special interest groups such as LaSalles, ’41 Cadillacs, Allantés, Broughams, modified cars, etc. and 18 international affiliate clubs located in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Scandinavia, Spain, and Switzerland. Our membership to date consists of over 7,000 families who own more than 18,000 collectible automobiles built by Cadillac; however, ownership is not a requirement for membership. The CLC is not affiliated with the General Motors Corporation but maintains a cooperative relationship with Cadillac nationally and numerous Cadillac dealers locally.

Our purpose – We were initially founded to encourage enthusiasts to maintain, preserve, and restore collectible Cadillacs and LaSalles built from 1902-1942. Now the CLC recognizes all vehicles built by Cadillac. We promote the development, collection, publication and exchange of helpful information pertaining to our cars. We also promote social fellowship for club members.

Scope of Automobile Activity – CLC automobile-specific activities emphasize drivability and authenticity. Judging classifications include touring, original, restored, and modified models. Every factory-built engine configuration is applauded, ranging from the single-cylinder to the exotic V-16. Production models and custom-body styles alike are admired, displayed and driven.

Organization – National policy governing events and services are determined by a volunteer, elected Board of Directors. An Executive Committee is empowered to conduct business between meetings of the board. Committees are appointed by the CLC President and serve to accomplish specific assignments. Communications with the Board are accomplished through Regional Vice Presidents and members of the Board appointed to represent their region. Local regions are chartered by the national CLC and at times conduct activities unique to their own area within the parameters of national policy. The CLC membership consists of individuals from all walks of life…mechanics, lawyers, entertainers, spouses, children, CPAs, retirees, Cadillac employees, real estate developers, etc. each enthused about products produced by Cadillac because of their performance, reliability, design and image. 

National Benefits of Membership

  • The Self-Starter: This award-winning monthly magazine is published eleven times per year. It is filled with interesting articles submitted by members, mechanical tips and advice; classified sections of cars, parts, and literature for sale/wanted; regional projects; historical accounts; member car features and Cadillac-factory updates.
  • Membership Directory: One of the most comprehensive membership directories in the hobby is printed annually and lists all members, their automobiles, and their location, plus engine/model serial numbers, production numbers, judging classifications, award winners, etc.
  • Roster of Technicians: Technicians with specific expertise as to the year or model are listed in the Membership Directory as a service to assist club members with difficult restoration/operational problems.
  • Authenticity Manuals: These indispensable manuals are published to help members with the idiosyncrasies and correctness of restoring their Cadillac-built automobile.
  • Our Web site: The Cadillac & LaSalle Club Web sites are your gateway to Cadillacs and LaSalles on the Internet. The main Club site opens a vista of historical and current information and is where you’ll find all of the latest news about the Club. Our online message board is the largest of its type in the Cadillac hobby. Also, a comprehensive, database-style Web site consisting of all things Cadillac and LaSalle has been created and donated by CLC member Yann Saunders. With over 9000 items of information and 16,000 images, its breadth and depth of Cadillac and LaSalle information is unequaled on the Internet.
  • Inventory of Memorabilia: CLC jewelry, car badges, and personal items are available for purchase. Without a doubt the inventory and quality of awards, memorabilia and publications is unsurpassed.
  • Automobile Events: An annual Grand National Meet is hosted by one of the chartered U.S. regions every summer. The constantly changing location of the meet enhances the opportunity for members around the world to visit new areas while on vacation, enjoy a great diversity of Cadillacs and LaSalles and meet new people with a common interest. Activities at the Grand National Meet include social events, national level judging, technical seminars, local tours, and a swap meet with cars and parts for sale. An awards banquet concludes a typical GN meet. Lifetime friendships have been created through these events and many members anxiously look forward to the next Grand National. Interregional meets are an increasingly popular activity between adjoining regions throughout the U.S. Below is a list of locations for the upcoming Grand National Meets.
  • Driving Tours: At least one national driving tour is organized annually by one of the U.S. regions…a time to enjoy the Cadillac-built automobiles as they were initially intended…to be driven. Local collections are often a part of such a driving tour as well as cultural and scenic attractions. International affiliates’ activities include similar events. All CLC members are welcome to participate.
  • Historical Archive: The Cadillac-LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center, Inc. (CLC Museum) is a separate charitable and educational organization. As a 501 (c) 3 organization, it is eligible for and welcomes tax-deductible contributions. Members of the CLC are automatically members of the CLC Museum. The Museum provides access to historical data, factory publications, and vital data contributed by generous donors in order to preserve Cadillac’s history and heritage. Copies of the archival information are available for a very nominal fee. The Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center has broken ground this past September on our future museum site at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Enough money has been raised to begin construction and the historic ceremony was held this September at the annual Fall Festival at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. For more information including details about the plan, design photos, and donation information, please visit

Cadillac & LaSalle National Office

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club has established a national office with a very competent staff to conduct the administrative activities for the CLC. You will appreciate the friendly, helpful manner in which the staff will greet you and welcome you into the club. They can be reached as follows:

Nancy and Mike Book
National Cadillac & LaSalle Club (CLC) Office
P. O. Box 360835
Columbus, OH 43236-0835
Phone: (614) 478-4622
Fax: (614) 472-3222

Our official website:

Find us on FACEBOOK and YouTube! (“Cadillac & LaSalle Club”)

We also have a youth program available at our national events, open to all children/grandchildren ages 6-17, which is committed to developing youth interest in the hobby.


Most social organizations raise money for charity. The Las Vegas Region of Cadillac & LaSalle Club are no different.  Every member believes in giving back in one form or another.

This year will be making changes.  Our efforts are divided into three categories:  Past, Present and Future

In the Past

CLC LV Cars and Coffee

In 2015 we were challenged by the Mustang club to see who could have the most cars at the show.  They beat us on numbers but we changed the rules and said overall length and weight.  Both clubs won.  A donation in the amount of $500 was made to St. Judes Ranch in Boulder City.




CLC LV Annual Toy RunLast year the club participated in an annual toy run.  Its purpose is to provide toys for children in the Las Vegas area. You can learn more by clicking here.

Ongoing is our effort to feed children.  Funded by two of our members but based on club statistics.  Here’s the way it works.  For every so many views of the our website (the one you’re reading), they give money to feed children.  Here’s the schedule:

Every 500 views (monthly) = 50 meals for children at risk in school   Every 1,000 (monthly) = 1000 meals for children and so on.  There is no limit. This program is guaranteed to continue through all of 2016.

At our 12th annual Cadillac Through The Years event at the Town Square, we gave a portion of our proceeds to this organization. Click here to view their web page.



In the Future

CLC LV UnknownWe will always give to charity, it’s who we are.  Our question is to whom do we give our support?  The Board of Directors is considering the club’s options.

We have already agreed with our sponsor, Findlay Cadillac, to support other charitable endeavors.  In some circumstances, they match our gift to charity.  Thank you John Saksa, GM for Findlay Cadillac and the Findlay organization for sponsoring us for the past 12 years.