Mike Conforti

Mike Conforti

One of our longtime members is gone. Mike Conforti has been a member of our club for years. Some of our members can’t remember a time when Mike wasn’t there. His spirit and presence will be missed.

Mike was born in the Bronx, New York in July of 1942. He was a successful roofer in New York before retiring in Las Vegas.

When Mike joined the Cadillac & LaSalle Club he was in the Manhattan, New York club Cadillac and LaSalle club for years. Upon moving to Las Vegas, he joined our club. Mike told the story that he had asked our club President at the time, Colin Christie, “What are we doing about parades?” Colin said, “How about you take that and run with it.” He did. He became our parade master. He lined it up, set it up and just made it work.

Mike was also the head of our Annual May picnic for years. This event always went off without a hitch. Mike thought of everything. For his years of service, the Board of Directors awarded a plaque detailing his service and note that he had obtained the Board Member Emeritus status within the club. It was presented to him by his long-term Board Member and Founder of the Club, Hal Sheaks in November of 2017. Hal and Mike were best of friends and Mike played a huge role in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Chapter – Drop Tops.

Mike and his wife Joan supported the Cancer Foundation.

He will always be missed . . . rest in peace Mike.

The Blend

The Blend

Dateline: September 8, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM

This morning (top to bottom) Shawn Tempesta, LJ Harkness and DR Rawson were together to discuss the upcoming Cadillacs under The Stars (CTS) event. Shawn interviewed LJ and DR and showed images from a video that was shot at Cadillacs Through The Years (CTTY) last April and still photos of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club members vehicles.

LJ led off by introducing DR and announced the inaugural event to be held at Village Square on September 23 from 5pm to 9pm.

Both men emphasized the fact that all Cadillac owners were invited to show off their ride.  Registration for vehicles is FREE and the show is also FREE.  If you love Cadillacs, this is a don’t miss event.

You’ll see new, used, classic, modified and custom vehicles.  The show is kid friendly and open to everyone.

Shawn then recapped the interview and announced the date, time and location of the event.

The interview will air after September 10th on Channel 13, KTNV.

Cadillac Club

Cadillac Club

On August 31, 2017 our club awarded a plaque to John Saksa and Findlay Cadillac.  Essentially it reads:

12 years.  That’s how long we’ve had a relationship with Findlay Cadillac.  We’ve had several people at the helm of the club and through it all, they have supported our club.

In a conversation with John, he feels that we are Brand Ambassadors and we are.  Every time we show up anywhere in any age Cadillac, we’re promoting our club, Findlay Cadillac and of course ourselves.

We have a very successful relationship with Findlay. Thank you John for 12 great years, we’ll look forward to another 12!!!!





                       Mike Conforti with his award winning 1961 Cadillac Convertible

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Conforti a long time member of our region and before that he was a member of the NY region.  Mike is a Cadillac Car guy.  No doubt about that.

There’s also no doubt that Mike has been a real hard worker. For years he has been managing our parade appearances. He also sets up the food and drink for the annual picnic PLUS almost anything you ask him to do.

In his honor the Emeritus Award was created. He is the first person to receive it.  Here’s what it says:

This Certifies that Mike Conforti as a reward for his years of service to the members of the Las Vegas Region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club.  His privileges include the suspension of local dues, attendance at Board Meetings with the ability to advise and vote and all other regular member benefits.

Mike, on behalf of every member, THANK YOU for what you’ve done in the past and what we know you’ll continue to do when you can.  You are an invaluable member of our club.