CTS = Cadillac under The Stars

September 23, 2017 at Village Square, 5 PM

As many of you know, in a Club or not-for-profit, many people often go unthanked for their dedication and service.  It’s never one person, it takes a TEAM dedicated to making this happen. Here is a partial list for this event (in no particular order):

  • Gary Weaver – Inspiration, working with the Village Square management and figuring out exactly how we’re going to get 120 or so cars parked in a timely fashion
  • Carolyn Weaver – Inspiration, advertising, registration flyer, promotion
  • Findlay Cadillac – Sponsor, advertising, video (John Saksa and LJ Harness)
  • Jerry Taylor – Video services
  • John Bergler – Award for Findlay Cadillac
  • Membership booth – We need volunteers for this 4 hour window of time on the 23rd of September
  • Registration – We need volunteers for this 4 hour window of time on the 23rd of September

Thank you everyone!


                       Mike Conforti with his award winning 1961 Cadillac Convertible

CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Conforti a long time member of our region and before that he was a member of the NY region.  Mike is a Cadillac Car guy.  No doubt about that.

There’s also no doubt that Mike has been a real hard worker. For years he has been managing our parade appearances. He also sets up the food and drink for the annual picnic PLUS almost anything you ask him to do.

In his honor the Emeritus Award was created. He is the first person to receive it.  Here’s what it says:

This Certifies that Mike Conforti as a reward for his years of service to the members of the Las Vegas Region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club.  His privileges include the suspension of local dues, attendance at Board Meetings with the ability to advise and vote and all other regular member benefits.

Mike, on behalf of every member, THANK YOU for what you’ve done in the past and what we know you’ll continue to do when you can.  You are an invaluable member of our club.


Cadillac Anniversary

114 Years of Excellence, Design and Quality.  For many of us, Cadillac is once again the Standard of the World!  This month celebrates that birthday.

We want to thank John Bergler in our club for designing this beautiful Bavarian Cream cake. I can tell you this, it was gone when we left the meeting.

Yum . . .

Our Website

2016 Best Regional Website in the CLC – Margaret Rawson, Webmaster


In the first week of August (2017) the Cadillac & LaSalle Club held its Grand National Meeting. At the meeting awards were passed out for cars and a few other categories.  However, there is only one award for regional websites.  This year, our site won and we’ve received the Website Excellence Award pictured above.

A little history . . .

Our club has had a website for sometime now but in July of 2016 our Board of Directors decided it was time for a new site.  They wanted a site that would reflect more appropriately upon our members, our activities, show our cars at events and awards and reflect well on our club sponsor (Findlay Cadillac, Henderson).  The new site began its long road to being built on the 8th of August 2016. The board has commented in meetings that they like the site.  It looks as though the national CLC really likes it.

As your Board of Directors, we’re grateful to be able to have a website that reflects who we are.

The future . . . (more…)

Thank you!

Where do we begin? On behalf of the entire club, we want to say thanks to so many people that made Cadillac Through The Years such a successful event.

Sponsor – First the club would like to thank our sponsor, #Findlay Cadillac. John Saksa is the General Manager. He is not only a great guy but fully supports the Las Vegas, Henderson community including our club for the past 12 years.  This next statement always sound trite but it’s true, we couldn’t have done this event without #Findlay Cadillac.  LJ Harness has recently been added to the Team at #Findlay Cadillac adding his community causes, marketing and drive to everything.  He’s recently been assigned to the club and is fantastic.