Lauren Schweitzer

Lauren Schweitzer
Past President and Director

Lauren is in the middle of changing her life.  She’s a great Director of our club.  Her term ends when the Board officially accepts her resignation effective October 1st, 2017.

She’s now off to the frozen north with her finance Jon.  Newly engaged, it’s clear they are headed for great things.  She’s now sold her home and ready to move.

She’s been a great part of the Las Vegas Cadillac & LaSalle Club for years.  She’s also been the national registrar for years.  In addition she has represented our club at the National Level.  She’s a Caddy Woman for sure.  Well, frankly it runs in her family.

We’re all going to miss her.  Her last meeting with the club will be Sept 28th at the Blue Ox.  See the Activities page on this site for more details.

So long and good luck Lauren, you WILL be missed!  We all wish you and Jon great success. Don’t forget us.